Browser Uber for Android provides the VPN service built-in to the final release

Browser Uber for Android provides the VPN service built-in to the final release.

Last month we wrote to you in the sideburns should be news about the launch of the company Uber VPN service free in version beta of the browser on the Google Play Store.

Today the company announced officially that this feature will copy the egg to the final version, stable on the Google Play store, namely version number 51 .

If you don’t know its meaning, VPN is shorthand for virtual private network a technology that gives you security while using internet through Wi-Fi networks on one hand, it also allows you to hide the state of your access to the internet and thus unscrew the blocking of some sites about some regions around the world.

VPN uses the built-in Opera browser 256-bit encryption to protect the data, as it obscures the true location of the user through contact with servers located around the world.

Although the company did not specify what will be available to site VPN, the beta version allowed users to choose servers in America or Europe or Asia, or use setup to choose the best available connection automatically.

In addition to this feature, the browser eyebrow compact ads (works by default), and also offers the advantage of mode night .

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