Browser Xiaomi Mint Browser Browser now available for download on the Google Play Store

Xiaomi Mint Browser

The Xiaomi company today issued the browser Xiaomi Mint Browser its on the Google Play Store. This browser is a lightweight version of the browser that comes preinstalled with the phone company. Thus, the browser Xiaomi Mint Browser New become available now for all Android devices running Android 4.4 or higher version.

Xiaomi Mint Browser is a browser is light, and consume less resources. Whether it is the size of the browser itself, or the size of the installation, or the amount of memory consumed or the rate of internet data consumed, it is more economical when compared with some of the browsers available in the market today.

Due to the nature of his light, he is not rich, but it offers all the basic functions, including browsing the hidden. There is also a mode of providing internet data which compresses the sound a bit to reduce the amount of internet data consumed. However, it does not guarantee a tool to ad-blocking, a feature becoming common in browsers these days. Moreover, it allows you to just set Google or Yahoo as a search engine default.


Browser Xiaomi Mint Browser also has a night mode which converts web pages into black color in the night which makes it convenient to work in the dark. Often, this mode works well, although some sites or Site Elements don’t work well sometimes. Besides, you should take into account that this situation is first analysed site for the first time its original colour and turn it into black color when the analysis process ends only, which means you will continue to get the screen flashes bright white while browsing.

And the good thing about this browser is that it displays annoying ads, notifications, content promo obnoxious, and start screen filled with dozens of sites saved in the bookmark menu. Generally, the browser Xiaomi Mint Browser is now available for download on the Google Play Store.


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