Browsing speed will affect the site ranking in the search engines Google

Periodically think Google’s new standards for the sites that appear in search engines where the influence of these parameters on the ranking of the website directly to for example sites that offer a customized version for phones will appear in the ranking higher than other sites, and so on .

Google announced today that the speed of browsing the site, too, will affect the ranking in search engine and Google I Speed Update, or the update speed of the process will affect the websites are slow in browsing regardless of the technology used to build the page .

This step is the goal certainly is to have to act fast because people care so already by studies by Google which has apply this experience to the search across computers before and want to apply them now on phones.

Will be applying this experience on phones ranging from July 2018 and even then Google has put some tools that will help you to evaluate the performance of browsing speed in your website you can view them from the source link.


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