BTC, XRP, LTC, BCH, EOS: an analysis of the charts of the most popular cryptocurrency for June 18

During the previous bullrun even against the background of mass hysteria around Bitcoin, institutional investors are barely interested in cryptocurrency. Today, the involvement of large companies in the life market digital assets is much higher than before. Bullish sentiments have led to the development of a sustainable uptrend on the charts of Bitcoin and major altcoins. Now let’s consider the situation for each coin.

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Bitcoin is still in an uptrend. 17 Jun cryptocurrency broke above the level of 9000 dollars, which prevented the formation of bearish pattern on the 1 day chart. Now BTC is moving to the line 9600 USD, after breaking through which we expect a growth of up to 10 thousand dollars.

Source: TradingView

It is expected that at this level, the asset will enter a period of consolidation and dynamics of the bullish movement will slow down. Traders should also pay attention to line 7400 dollars. If the bears manage to push the price of Bitcoin below this level, the cryptocurrency will go to the local downtrend.


Now the Ripple is in a stage of uncertainty — the coin is trading within a symmetrical triangle. The level of 0.45 per dollar is the resistance, so the open long position is not recommended. Wait for the breakout of the triangle and act according to the situation.

Source: TradingView

Note that the probability of breaking up is much higher than the probability of the bearish scenario. In this case, you can safely long trades ripple down to a line of 0.57 per dollar.

By the way, tonight coin nice jump up.


Amid news of the imminent challenge cryptocurrency bulls managed to push the price above the upper line of the rising channel, in which Litecoin was trading a few days ago. Now this line serves as a support for a new wave of growth of the asset.

Source: TradingView

Now LTC is trading around the 131 dollar, after rising above $ 140 a final line of resistance of cryptocurrency will be the level of 158 dollars. We recommend you to buy some Litecoin to halinga. However, please note that in anticipation of the event itself can happen rather powerful discharge.


Bitcoin Cash is also in uptrend, but the pressure of buyers on the market is weakening every day. It is likely that very soon, cryptocurrency will rollback to the lower boundary of the rising channel marked on the chart.

Source: TradingView

In trading focus on moving averages 20 and 50 SMA scale 1-day chart. Until the asset is above these lines, you can open a small long position.


Aldon drifted higher in January. However, the angle of the uptrend is not as big as the rest of the violas with large capitalization. Earlier EOS broke above the level of 6.8 per dollar, thereby giving traders a signal to the game to increase.

Source: TradingView

It’s simple — don’t forget to follow RSI, so as not to fall into the trap bearish divergence. Cryptocurrency is moving in the uptrend, long trades so EOS can.


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