Bug a new security on Facebook allows apps to access photos of 6.8 million users


It seems that this year will not end without another scandal Facebook. This time, the company has become explicit in its statement that said it discovered a bug in the API class which allows applications to access the unpublished images of the 6.8 million accounts.

The impact of this imbalance on the persons who used the feature of Facebook Login and permission for third party apps to access their photos. The problem was fixed, but because there are some applications that took advantage of this flaw, you might be arrived to ” a large collection of images ” more than intended, for a period of 12 days, exactly between September 13 and September 25.

This creation allowed for 879 developer access to the photo 6.8 million users. Usually, it is possible for these applications to see the photos shared by people in the scheme of their time, but in the period mentioned above, she could also access other images, such as those that have been shared on the Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Stories, as well as the photos uploaded on Facebook but is not published on the timeline the ” Timeline ” for the account.

The only apps that benefit from it are those applications approved by Facebook to login to the API page which were granted access to the images by users. So, this is not as bad as those applications that you see your images without your consent, but this means that the applications may be got to the picture more than they should or than you know.

You Facebook it I’m sorry because of that, she will be in next week’s issue tools for application developers which allow them to identify people using their application. The company will work with these developers to delete photos. In addition, if your account has been affected by this back, you will be notified via a notice on Facebook, which will provide you a link to the Help Center where you will be able to know if you have used any of these apps.

It also recommends that social network to log on to any application you share your photos to check which images can access it.



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