” Bug ” causes the appearance of the Apple Music on the Google Home

google home

Lately, the frequency that the integration with service Music Apple Music will work its way to the speakers smart Google Home in the near future, the reason for this is the advent of the Apple Music service music available in the Google Home, although that option wasn’t working at that time. This has led many people to believe that integration with the Apple Music service will be released soon to Google Home.

Unfortunately this may not be the case. According to a new report released recently from the website of Bloomberg, said a spokesperson in the name of the company Alphabet to the advent of the Apple Music service in the Google Home was because of a ” glitch “. Added This speaker it does not have the company know about the upcoming updates to Google Home.

We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes in the past, but it seems this bug Strange, although the company Alphabet didn’t even bother to watch the details relating to this cell, we’re not sure of the reason for his appearance. There is the possibility that Apple is already working with the company Alphabet to add the Apple Music to Google Home, and it may be this comment attempt by the police to keep things quiet until there is something more realistic.

In either case, don’t be excited about seeing the Apple Music on the Google Home any time soon, but one can always hope, right?


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