Bug Google Assistant does not allow him to shut off and lets me

What makes a good voice assistant from the bad? Of course, the ability to listen and correctly answer the queries. Ideally, the user does not even have to get a smartphone from his pocket, to ask a question and be able to address the void. To do this, Google launched the smart speaker that can be placed in all the rooms, if necessary, to instruct any assistant or find the information you need, and not run to pay homage to the smartphone. But, as is usually the case, the more complicated a system is, the higher the probability that it will fail.

Check to see if Google Assistant listens to you without your knowledge

Android users have begun to complain that the address to Google Assistant, which is built into the smart column, activate a wizard on the smartphone and does not allow it to disconnect after the completion of the dialogue. In the end, the voice assistant can endlessly listen to everything he says or does user. The only thing that can disable Google Assistant, is forced shut down or mute the smartphone due to the discharge. And second, most likely, there will be far more likely, because the constant wire requires considerable resources, and the user can is banal not to notice that the wizard has been included on the smartphone.

Why is quickly discharged battery

The first mentions of the problem in question, appeared on social networks in February. One user said that he found your Google Pixel 2 in the morning with depleted to 1% battery and active Google Assistant. According to him, the night that he turned to Google Home Mini to start the alarm. As it turned out, the assistant was activated on both devices at once, but if the smart column, he passed out immediately after the dialogue, on the smartphone and continued to work, taking a record of everything that is audible, and dropping off the battery.

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A detailed study of the problem showed that it varies considerably. That is, if once the assistant is activated on the smartphone and not disconnected, the second time this can happen. Perhaps the reason for this behavior becomes an event-trigger. Maybe you need to smartphone and column were at a distance of several centimeters from each other or to the team that submits the user, meet the different requirements. In short, the reasons can be mass, but the outcome is they always have one.

Google Assistant is engaged in wiretapping

This is not the first time Google Assistant, has been secretly wiretapping. This summer it became known that the voice assistant records the conversations of users, and then sends them to the decryption experts-linguists. Many were shocked by this news because Google has never announced that Google Assistant transmits conversations to a third party. The result against the company filed several lawsuits in which she was required to abandon wiretapping and to pay the affected users for compensation. However, how to identify those who really have suffered, it is not possible, given the vast audience of a voice assistant.

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However, Google have to hand it to her immediately stopped to record the conversations, though not in all countries. By now we know that the corresponding rule applies at least in Germany. In addition, Google has sent out notifications to users that they can always listen to their conversations on their own, and even if you want to cancel the recording. All this can be done on the settings page of the Google profile, which is available to every user without exception.

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