Bug in FaceTime allows the caller to hear the recipient before accepting the call

Group FaceTime

During phone calls you can usually hear the other person only when answering the call. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug affecting service FaceTime from Apple, where it seems that the caller can already click on the microphone to the person who is calling out to hear him.

This means that even if the person you are calling does not intend to take your call, it allows you to back listening to him anyway. This poses a large problem on the level of fertility, especially for those who may not be aware of this bug and do not want to respond to FaceTime calls. According to the website 9to5Mac, who tested this bug and found that it already exists, it seems that this bug affects devices running iOS 12.1 or newer version.

It is unclear how users can protect themselves against this flaw, would have to disable FaceTime entirely, or reject calls if they are unsure of the people who contact them. Despite the fact that the back says only to activate the microphone and camera in the phone receiver, still it poses a threat to users ‘ privacy. It also seems that it’s easy to exploit this bug, so users should be careful about talks of FaceTime they received from people they don’t know.

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