Build your factory with Bleentoro

Bleentoro is a simple logic game where player have to build the factory. The developer notes from the pros easy to understand rules, the company and sandbox, simple interface and smooth animations. In Bleentoro the construction of the factory based on logic and the various elements of the production. As you progress through the levels the player will unlock new machines and devices. The core gameplay is based on recycling and incineration of products.

In Bleentoro player for factory construction offers several sections: production, infrastructure, pipes, electricity. Read all the equipment we failed because of too large proportions of the game. Although she is, at first glance, simple, but requires a considerable amount of free time.

The basic elements are the arrow, and a kind of machines. They are responsible for the movement of products and their further processing. There are teleporters, splitters products on the machines, generators products, recycling mechanisms, and so on. Bleentoro offers several modes: campaign, extra levels of players and the sandbox. In the “Campaign” there are many educational and light levels. You can also purchase the Pro version, which will open access to additional Extra-levels.

Levels of players here not so much — only 10 pieces. Probably, the developer has selected the best levels and did not oversaturate the game different similar levels. The Sandbox allows you to choose the size and type of map, resources, jobs, and recipes.

Bleentoro nice graphics, the game is technically no different from other games from this developer. In the settings, by the way, you can change the graphics quality, which is quite strange for a 2D game, you can also choose the language and other UI functions.

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Application: Bleentoro
Developer: Yiotro
Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.04 a
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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