Building a mobile you will get a new map entirely

The company based the game building Mobile says this new map a while ago which was called”the secret map”, but now the company has confirmed the name of the new map which will be Livik, this map will be exclusive to the version mobile of the game.

When I started to build in suspense to the map of the new players think it will be a map Erangel 2.0 enhanced, but now proven to us that they map a whole new and most importantly it is exclusive to the smartphone, this is where that maps Erangel, Miramar وVikendi is, in fact, the maps copied from a copy of The Bodyguard which is called by six.

The company did not clarify the date of issuance of the map yet, but we know it’s coming with an update to 0.19.0 but we don’t know promised its release, but leaks and rumors have confirmed that this will happen in the second half of the month of July which is the date of the close of Caesar the new, as well as the map available in the demo version Beta of the game, here are share your experience of the game in it:

Source: Beebom

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