Burrano to be: Bakkt announced the launch of Bitcoin futures. Testing will begin in July

In the official Medium-blog Bakkt confirmed information about the launch of futures on the Bitcoin within the platform. According to General Director Kelly Loffler, the company worked closely with the Commission on commodity futures trading USA to develop an infrastructure that would satisfy as the user requests, and financial regulators.

What Bakkt prepared in Bitcoin futures?

The exact launch date of futures yet unknown, but in Bakkt hope to provide users with the opportunity to personally test trading since July.

Leffler noted that the model of trading Bitcoin futures actively discussed with shareholders Bakkt and ICE. Traders choice provides two types of contracts: the first will allow to carry out the transaction within the day, and the second in the front month. Under the latter we mean a contract whose expiration date will come as soon as possible to the current day.

Pricing of trading instruments will be protected from unfair trading practices, including wash trading, that is, create fake volumes. Settlement prices of futures will be based on the activities of unregulated marketplaces.

Contracts will be backed by the ICE Clear US, including the combination of initial and variation margin for the effective management of risk. With the Bitcoin futures will be used world practice that apply to regulation of very different futures: from gold and oil to interest rates.

Source: Coincentral

Bakkt also put 35 million dollars to a clearing house to prove to big investors to own “an interest” in free trade Bitcoin futures. For safe storage of bitcoins that are used in the reinforcement of the contracts, the company will own custodial service, controlled by financial regulators.

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CEO Bakkt notes that to start the infrastructure in a single day will not work, but thanks to the sensible dialogue between financiers, investors and regulators will be able to achieve significant successes in the intersection of technology and Finance.

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