Business chats in iMessage you can use to order beer at the stadium

In March, Apple released iOS 11.3 – enabled business chats for iMessage. We have not yet seen wide application of this feature, but our colleagues from Business Insider said that in some scenarios it will be used in the near future. I hope that soon more companies will be able to draw on the function of their attention.

The first feature started to support TV operator Dish. Using business chat, he organized the technical support that is available to iPhone users through the Messages app. Dish supports Apple Pay to pay for pay per view content.

A more interesting application of the technology found in Citizens Bank Park. This stadium hosts games baseball club the Philadelphia Phillies. On the back of each seat will be placed the QR code. Visitors of the stadium can just scan it in order to start a chat in iMessage. In this chat you can enjoy beer that will take you directly to the desired location in the stadium.

At the moment, this method of selling beer is in test mode. It is not available in all sectors of the stadium. Let’s hope the experiment goes well, and the technology business chat will be widely used.

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