Buy a new combine Shawty وOppo Vivo development of the technique of trying to AirDrop

I started all of Shawty وOppo vivo a new partnership to develop new technology to transfer files between phones three companies, that this technique is related to the contact via Bluetooth to improve the technique AirDrop from Apple.

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Apply today a new partnership between the three giants of China are Shawty وOppo Vivo to support the next generation of phones three companies to report to transfer files wirelessly, that this technique works in the interface of MIUI from and ColorOS from Oppo and FuntouchOS of Vivo as arranged on an operating system landed.

It is estimated that this technique works to transfer files between phones three companies via Bluetooth, to support the transfer of files up to 20 MB per second, as projections indicate that this technique will also be used to Wi-Fi networks in the backend as in the technology of AirDrop.

Also confirmed Shawty she welcomes the accession of the other companies in the development of this technique, which is applicable in the version of the demo within the next month.

Recall that the company Google is also working on the development of feature F. A. S. T. Share in the system of Landed, which is referred to it will be a service in Google Play, which is what prompted the three companies to work on the development of a special technique of trying to Google technology to transfer and share files, so we may join other companies later in this alliance such as Huawei for example.


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