Buy two are vital to the form of a two-week pivotal for the future of “Microsoft” in the field of cloud computing

شراكتان حيويتان شكلتا أسبوعًا محوريًا لمُستقبل "مايكروسوفت" في مجال الحوسبة السحابية

Microsoft signed yesterday a partnership extends for five years with the retail chain “Walmart Walmart” aimed to support the digital transformation has chain stores of giant and help it to further development in the field of e-commerce and competition “Amazon” in the field of e-services.

The next day, you know, “GE” and”Microsoft” for greater partnership between them to support their presence in the field of the Internet of things. Pour the new partnership is in support of the development of the project of digital transformation for companies of customers, “GE”.

In the framework of this cooperation, skip the “GE digital” calibration solutions “mail graphics – Predix“, offered by the company for large companies and industrial enterprises, on the platform, “Microsoft Azure”, the integration of portfolio “British graphics” with the potential of the “Azure” cloud computing which include Internet of things and”Azure” data and analysis tools. In addition, you will use “GE” platform, “Microsoft Azure” within all its business units as additional vehicles for internet of things and enhance productivity, including indoor applications-based solutions, “e-graphics” to enhance innovation in the business units of the company.

Is the platform “ – mail graphics Predix” developed by “GE digital” platform development of applications that provide industrial companies with everything they need to build applications for the Internet of things industrial safely and quickly and effectively using Cloud software, to take advantage of the data of industrial assets in obtaining information usable and practical. Used to leading industrial companies such as British Petroleum “BP” and”Xin” and”Schindler” and”Maersk” solutions “GE’s digital”.

According to a report by the company “Gartner“, the companies are moving from “just talking” about the industrial Internet of things to the already applied through new projects. Will help to buy “GE” and”Microsoft” industrial customers in enhancing the safety of operations of the digital transformation through a combination of solutions, “GE’s digital” Internet of things industrial that collect and store data, and the presence of “Microsoft” in the field of digital computing to help customers in transforming their operations to the digital domain at all levels.

It is expected to reach the value of the proceeds of the iot market to $ 1.1 trillion by 2025 with a shift value of the market of communication solutions to platforms, applications and services, according to new data issued by the company GSMA Intelligence.

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