By 2020 every fifth crack the crypto currency exchange. Experts forecast

The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization of Bitcoin has experienced a sharp price drop throughout 2018. Over the past year, the coin is lost in the price more than 80 percent from historic highs. In Adamant Capital report describes several key catalysts that can influence price. First of all it States hacking, or failure of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Experts expect that by 2020 the hacking will undergo 20 percent of all active current exchanges.

And although the guardians of cryptocurrencies previously considered the least risky segment, experts now estimate that until the summer of 2020 due to the hacking of exchanges will suffer at least 10-15 percent of hontarov.

Source: Adamant Capital

As a second reason, the report includes a macroeconomic recession. As the authors argue, Bitcoin is a “relatively” high liquidity. It can be used as a buffer for cash if stocks or bonds will fall.

This can lead to situations such as paradox 2008. Then the price of gold fell by more than 30 percent and saw record high demand for coins and bars […] the Financial crisis can hardly be considered a long-term source of supply for Bitcoin, but it can be attractive to investors who want to diversify their portfolios […]

The report also refers to Bitcoin miners and Mt.Gox. Recall the now defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox, which once accounted for more than 70 percent of transactions with bitcoin, currently in the process of rehabilitation of the users.

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In addition, the experts once again emphasize how important is the onslaught of the regulators. This is probably one of the main factors which can provoke bullrun and completely derail scriptural. We, in turn, once again remind why it is impossible to keep the cryptocurrency on exchanges.

In cryptodata of hontarov will find other useful information.

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