By masking photos and videos for faith

By masking photos and videos for faith

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There are some scenarios in which you may have to hide some of the images from the gallery or application of the studio on the phone, you may not want to delete her but to make her invisible to anyone who can access to the phone and open the application on and watch all the images.

Or don’t want to make the image present in all images where a person sitting next to you see while browsing the page, there are many reasons to hide the images necessary.

In case you are using your iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 9, you’ll be able to prevent the appearance of any photo or video within the Photos app, there is a way to hide pictures and videos for iPhone and iPad, will highlight them in this topic.

طريقة اخفاء الصور والفيديو لهواتف الايفون

Masking photos and videos for faith using the Photos application

Starting from version iOS 9, can iPhone and iPad users to hide sites directly from the Photos app default to browse photos and videos. All you have to do is the following:

  • Do open the application “photos” .
  • Then select the photo or video that you want to hide.
  • After pressing the share button, swipe to the left until you find the option “hide – hide” and click on it, then you will need to confirm that you want to hide the photo or video
  • Then click on the “hide pictures” or “hide video”. From now on, you won’t see these photos or videos once again within images even when you search for them.

The PHOTOS application

In case you want to select one image or one video clip, click to, then click the “share” button at the bottom left. While you want to select more than one image at a time, open the album that contains that photo and click “Select” and then select the elements you want to hide, then click on the “share”button.

Uninstall hide photos from the Photos app again

If you want to re-display the image or video within the Photos app. It’s very easy, all you have to do is open the Photos app and go to the tab “albums” from the bottom bar, then open the album named “hidden” and will be able to see the picture or video that you can Hidden, you can simply specify which element you want to hide, then click on the share button below, and then from the menu, click “Cancel hide” will change again naturally within the Photos app.

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