By masking the appearance of alwats August and the online status now offline on whatsapp

Masking connected now, in fact the father of the phone 2018

How to hide online status now in fact a father? And how to hide last seen in WhatsApp for friends , of the more questions which looking for answers by users program of social communication and conversation. few months, whatsapp , and many ways and programs that allow you the possibility of masking the appearance of WhatsApp or masking connected to the on the fact a father , will sum up for you in this topic of our website how the technique of the best ways to conceal emerge and change the appearance of the last time in fact father .

Update the application alwats August 2018

WhatsApp needs no introduction. it is one of the best programs tea after Messenger , where you enter the phone number and use it instead of the account and the password , you can through the application WhatsApp, send messages and chat with your friends .

And also free calls with your friends and contacts you have , doubled the number of users the application WhatsApp to millions after buying the company, Facebook is not the year 2015 that I’ve developed and several improvements on its design and its response to orders .

And gives you the application WhatsApp alert when a new message arrives for you to read it to you out of the app and you can respond directly and rapidly from the notifications without the need to enter for the application itself is actually the father of the app that was able to achieve a global breakthrough major in the field of social media, which led to a revolutionary giant in the field of communication technology resulted in the innovation of dozens of applications that followed the same approach, the giant green

When you download WhatsApp and Whatsapp 2018 you’ll find it added many features that I found to impress the users of WhatsApp after the other issue was launched features like drawing and writing on photos before sending them through WhatsApp just as it is a feature story on Instagram, which seeks through its company risk to steal users snapchat being the first program that did this idea collect millions about it

I update WhatsApp has added a feature brought about a change and stir between conversational applications and instant chat , in order to add a feature the possibility to undo sent messages alwats August to prevent arguments and problems and to be able to delete the message from all parties to the conversation or the people involved .

Download WhatsApp for all devices

How to hide the appearance of WhatsApp Hide online status on whatsapp

If you are looking for the answer to a question how ashlee is connected to now or the emergence of WhatsApp and how to hide it seemed to delete the program or the effect on the features or options of the conversation and chat of course in front of you more than one option to get the answer, but in principle you can make use of WhatsApp plus, which is a replacement application WhatsApp official you can use in masking the appearance of WhatsApp and a lot of other things that provide you complete privacy .

Masking the appearance of WhatsApp of WhatsApp plus

WhatsApp plus gold is the upgraded version and as amended from WhatsApp original and the last update of WhatsApp rolling on the phones to get a video call through WhatsApp and use WhatsApp bandwagon and enjoy the benefits and services of the developer for WhatsApp original and simple needs of every user time Association such as run number, or masking to emerge from of friends .

Provides you a WhatsApp Plus is great potential in the preservation of your privacy in a program where you can hide your activity fully on the internet so that you can not one of note entry you on WhatsApp or reading a message what says to hide last appearance and hide you’re connected now, or neighbor to write , you can modify the privacy so no one can see your image or situation that you have written and other characteristics and settings that you will discover for yourself when you run the program “WhatsApp gold”.

Lets also this program when you download is not the possibility of masking a neighbor recording the voice when recording your audio clip in the conversation, or hide when you use the software
Modification to hide the sign of health, upon receipt of the message .

Download WhatsApp plus Golden

Download WhatsApp plus blue with a masking emerge

That the application watts August Whatsapp+ plus blue is one of the applications of social networking, where application of the most successful applications around the world, the most used, most popular, so that application compatible only for Android, and the app with many options and advantages that will remind them of you .
Considered the most popular app in the world, where he uses it to read the file, plus that the application WhatsApp plus blue is one of the applications and amended, entirely, from the application of the green fee, which includes the many other advantages you will find when you download the WhatsApp plus and Settings the most important settings such as hide and reappear and hide the refer and modify your status, etc., and send infinite number of messages without any exception, and you can send pictures and voice recording high quality, there are many other updates that are free of problems.
New and exclusive in the application WhatsApp Plus new version which was released during the days and came to some of the problems related to the program, one of the most important features and additions which are waiting for users in WhatsApp plus update is encrypt messages and voice calls.

Through the control panel of privacy in the software you can control a lot of options, and hiding it from friends , a new control panel in privacy and hide the logo for friends and the possibility of masking the registration mark reading on the other side of the conversation also gives you the option to hide the writing or Typing.. that appear on the other side of the conversation and hide the date and the name when you copy over a message .

تحميل واتساب بلس
Features of WhatsApp plus – privacy settings

Download WhatsApp Offline Mode

Download WhatsApp plus blue

To hide the status of your connection in WhatsApp for Android and iPhone

Program is a WhatsApp Offline Mode of possible programs that offer you the possibility of masking emerge without any change in the application , and the program differs from other programs masking your connection is in fact the father, he does not interrupt the internet connection like the rest of the programs in this area , that’s where all the similar programs for this program you cut off stop Wi-Fi WIFI and cut the internet connection when you open WhatsApp does not even appear you’re connected online , either the program WhatsApp Offline WhatsApp offline, hide your presence in WhatsApp status of a contact without interrupt the net about the mobile .

تحميل برنامج WhatsApp Offline Mode
Download WhatsApp Offline Mode

And allows you to hide the case of the appearance of your WhatsApp the Click of a button you can it through the button online mode or offline mode to open the connection to WhatsApp and it .


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