By placing the seeds in these capsules, you can grow plants in a barren land,

On our planet fairly a lot of areas which can be better to grow crops. However, in India and many other countries of the world there is barren land that is full of harmful for vegetation of salt. At the moment, effective method of cleaning soil does not exist, but scientists are actively developing technologies to protect seeds from harmful substances. One of them recently told researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology. They have developed a composition of silk and the promotion of plant growth substances, which can cover the seeds and ultimately to a rich harvest.

The US has created a capsule to protect the seeds of plants

The so-called salinity arise for two reasons. First, increased concentration of salt can be triggered by natural processes like weathering of mineral substances. Second, unwittingly saturate their land with salt can farmers — many of them are actively saturate their fields with water, which may contain a lot of soluble salts. Over time, it accumulates in the soil and the land is unsuitable for growing plants.

Why do plants not grow?

Saline land is not allowed seed plants to obtain sufficient water and is essential for growth substances. To protect seeds from the harmful effects of accumulated salts in the soil, scientists led by Professor Benedetto Marelli has developed a kind of protective capsule. It consists of natural silk, soaked in protecting plants from dehydration substance trehalose and bacteria, which provide plants with nitrogen.

Did you know that the US has already put plants in space?

To test the effectiveness of generated capsules, the researchers conducted a laboratory experiment. They took two handful of seeds of legumes, where some were not protected and others were encased silk shell. They were planted in two identical pots filled with the for growing plants in saline soils. Over time they noticed that while in the soil, silk capsules began to dissolve and saturate the soil necessary for the proper maturation of seed substances.

Protected from salt seeds gave sprouts even in the barren land

Ultimately, full the plants grew only in the second group of pots that were planted and protected seeds. This means that the composition is really designed to neutralise the harmful effects of saline soil and seeds provided the required amount of water and air. Further, such capsules can you open for farmers with new crops that will increase their profit.

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However, at the moment the technology is suitable only for the protection of legumes. But the researchers intend to continue to improve the structure and ultimately to create capsules, which are suitable for protecting seeds of other vegetation. In principle, the basis in the form of a sheath of silk threads already created, so that researchers need only to consider what other substances it is possible to saturate.

Looking far ahead, it can be assumed that the technology of growing plants is useful not only on Earth but on other planets. For example, seeds with protective capsules, may be useful to people who go to the moon and Mars.

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