By the numbers – what made the Apple through the year 2018 is?!

2018 is nearing completion and has already had an exceptional year for the Apple TV has seen many exciting events Manual of the language of figures, that do not know lying and not opinions or personal challenges, so let’s use Quick Picks luminous for Apple TV by 2018 !

بالأرقام - ماذا حققت آبل خلال عام 2018 ؟!By the numbers – what made the Apple through the year 2018 is?!

Market capitalization Apple is planning a trillion dollars!

In 2018 Apple became the first American company whose market value exceeds one trillion dollars and is then followed by Amazon later, not that it was the beginning of the curve is very bad in the stock indices of the special Apple since experienced a sharp decline recently made her retreat a lot and ranks second behind Microsoft in terms of market capitalization.

القيمة السوقية لآبل تخطت تريليون دولار!Market capitalization Apple is planning a trillion dollars!

The opening of the headquarters of the new Apple TV

Became Apple Park Hotel the official headquarters of Apple in the United States with an area of 173 acres total this land area possessed by the Apple community to establish their buildings and installations to about 7400 acres almost most of them are in the United States.

$ 100 million profit for developers!

In 2018 the total of what you paid Apple for developers of iOS apps to more than $ 100 million since the establishment of the store an app store in 2008, by about 10 years.

100 مليار دولار أرباح للمطورين!$ 100 million profit for developers!

2 million devices iOS

Since 2007 has been the launch of the iPhone for the first time and even 2018 Can Apple shipped more than 2 million devices running iOS including iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

500 million visitors!

Is the number of visitors to the annual follow-up sales, maintenance of official of Apple and scattered around the world, which is also the number of visitors weekly follow-up apps to the App Store on the internet.

500 مليون زائر!500 million visitors!

Sales of Apple devices

Reached sales of iPhone in the year 2018 to 217 million devices while the sales of the iPad, 43.5 million devices, which is the numbers approach almost for the same devices in 2017 previous.

20 million developers!

Is the number of developers of applications for iOS and macOS and they who stand behind the development of all the existing applications on iPhone and iPad hours Apple and its computers the Mac.

Spending on research and development

The budget of Apple to spend on R & D to $ 14.2 million, an increase of 23% from the previous year. Next projects Apple known they will also work on some techniques with a promising future such as self-driving cars and augmented reality technologies, Virtual Reality and TV shows, etc.

السيارات ذاتية القيادة أحد مشروعات البحث والتطوير في آبل Self-driving cars one of the projects of research and development at Apple

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