By the numbers, you know on the price of the Apple smartwatch Apple Watch 3 around the world


Apple launched recently its smart Apple Watch 3 Cellular, which allows users the ability to make calls across the yard with ease, the company has disclosed in three separate models for areas with different ranges of LTE and UMTS available worldwide, priced about 400 USD, with the following we know the price of the smart watch around the world, as follows:

– Australia: about $ 421.5 million.

– Denmark: approximately 544.7

– France: about 537 USD.

– Sweden: approximately 522.7$.

– Hong Kong: come 406 USD.

– Japan: the price of approximately 418.6 billion.

– Germany: $ 537 USD.

– Singapore: the price its 447.5$.

– Thailand: priced by 467.5 US dollars.

– United Kingdom: on average, the price 540.5$.

– Switzerland: on average, the price 447.9$.

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