ByteDance justify the purchase of a new investment in artificial intelligence blocks Qi

ByteDance تُبرم شراكة جديدة للاسثمار في الذكاء الاصطناعي والبلوك تشين

The company began ByteDance Chinese owners apply Tick Tock the famous a new partnership with media company local Chinese to expand operations and invest in new tracks include artificial intelligence and block your chi according to Bloomberg.

Where the share ByteDance of the new company 49%, while the company has Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper Co Ltd the rest with a total capitalisation of the new company 10 million yuan is about $ 1.4 million according to the official registration of the business in China.

It is worth mentioning that the company ByteDance working to expand its business in several fields, has concluded many partnerships and collaborations with the most amusing different after a successful application by Entertainment Tik Tok hotel Shine star big among young people in particular.

Where grown the last of their partnership in the detection of telephone Jianguo Pro 3 the beginning of last November which will be the Chinese market during the next period at a price of $ 412 almost and many of the special features of the application of Tik Tok.

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