Byton learn about the development of the information system for Automotive in cooperation with Garmin وViacomCBS in the conference #CES2020

The company announced Byton car manufacturer for the development of the Information System, a powerful motor, it cooperates with Garmin to bring the nurses of the Health Information System, and partnership with ViacomCBS pay for entertainment content in the car when launched in 2020.

Use the company Byton to launch its first electric car in China in mid-2020, was reviewed Byton during the CES conference plans its next electric vehicle, which includes an Information System clear and strong, also depend on both the Garmin وViacomCBS the development of this system.

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I knew Garmin as one of the leading companies developer of systems in the field of Health in particular, so I used Byton its expertise in health systems development in the system of company information which is submitted in the first version of the electric car developer of the company.

Also coupled with the development of the system expertise of Garmin in the area of Health also intends to Byton on ViacomCBS to push the content of the entertainment featured for its new electric car, which applies in the call 2020 to the Chinese market.

Has revealed the company Byton from the interface of the electric vehicle through the display of their presentation during the events of CES for the year 2020, through a video clip shows the possibility of follow-up Powerpoints on the screen.

On the other hand, announced Byton from the start of the program, the developers also revealed some of the participants in the program, such as Xperi وAccuWeather.

It is expected to apply Byton M-Byte in China during 2020, and projections indicate that the car reaches the US market through 2021, and also recorded the company already has a number of 60,000 requests to book the car, the company also plans to hold a spark Electrify America to ship a car in the US market.


I know of

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