“Caavo”.. the Remote, the world’s smartest working, voice command

Imagine to order a remote, control your your voice to come to you with your favorite games, responds to the device immediately, it’s a great experience and comfortable and wonder.

It’s a remote, “all” Caavo comes with central similar to the receiver (receiver), Connect all the cables, monitors and projectors, games consoles and DVD players Blu-ray Blu-ray DVD and DVD to the appropriate device, to control one thing to the remote for all these devices, services and applications, and where what you want, and provides you Remote the smartest in the world in a jiffy.

And utilities device “all” with most of the services, devices and applications that we know today, including the assistant Amazon’s smartphone “the same way” Amazon Alexa Apple in the Apple TV and games Xbox وWii PlayStation PS4 and Netflix Netflix and many others.

Successfully campaign financing device and RIM die “all” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is available for purchase through the website priced at 349 $ (6,200 pounds).

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