Cable Lightning modified to allow hackers remote access to your computer


Official accessories from Apple are expensive that is why many users buy the cheapest accessories from unofficial third-party companies. However, regardless of the safety problems and the potential, there is good reason to avoid these accessories are not official.

One of these reasons, as described in detail in the report from the site of Motherboard, is that there are some cables that can allow hackers to hack into your computer remotely. The report details about how they developed by security researcher calling himself the name of the MG cable Lightning fake which allows him to access your computer remotely when it is linked to him.

What makes matters worse is that the cable Lightning who developed the MG is in fact cable Lightning original purchased from the Apple TV, but was modified later through the cultivation of additional components inside it. Also comes with a script orders allows a hacker to run malicious software on the victim’s computer.

It is not clear whether there is any defense against this attack or not, but it highlights the fact that even the original hardware modified need to be a potential way to attack. As we imagine that it is technically possible to repeat it on any cable Lightning, whether it is original or not, which makes it difficult to identify the author of the amalgam.

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