Cairo hosts workshop to educate the blind access technology of Apple

Hosting the next morning, yesterday, Saturday, a special workshop to educate people with Visual disabilities “blind” to technological solutions offered by Apple world which helps them to live in society normally, in conjunction with the celebrations of the World Day of availability of technology for special needs.

Saw the workshop, which was held at the smart village, which was organized by the company “want to lane” the main site for Apple products in Egypt, the presence of an expanded of the institutions and bodies entrusted to the care of the blind in Egypt, which brought with them a large number of visually impaired people to take advantage of the detailed view of the special manner of using them for Apple products.

Freedom officials want the line to offer a detailed explanation of the way the use of devices iPhone and iPad hours Apple smartphone, so that the interaction with such devices by the blind in a way easy and simple, ensure them to enjoy a life of normal daily far away from the problems and crises of oil, such as voice command app “Siri” Siri developed by Apple company which can answer all questions immediately, next payment Apps Mobile Apps e-reading apps, smart learning, and other applications, which include Apple devices.

During her speech, she stressed buthaina esmat, Director of the observatory e-mail for persons with disabilities, Ministry of communications, that there are several efforts by States in general in order to provide all ways of supporting people with special needs, in particular by the Ministry of communications and the purposes of e-who in turn support all initiatives and efforts aimed at the development of software and clever solutions that will help the disabled to live within the society and face the problems.

At the end of the event, the company announced the want to Online provide huge discounts to disabled on Apple devices.

It is worth mentioning that this event is held for the second time in the Middle East, where was held the first time in Jordan is now hosted by Egypt, the confirmation of the eagerness of Apple support with special needs and empower them to use technology.

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