Calculator Twin River comes from the Intel screen flexible double folding

Go Intel this year during the conference Computex to showcase its vision for the future of computers possible dual-screen, comes calculator Twin River design and flexible dual display with the external design of the fabric.

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Intel offers computer Twin River is possible to design dual-screen flexible folding design with external cloth, the screen features multi-touch size of 12.3-inch quality display 1920 1280 pixels resolution, which features the screen design of polyester and polyamide and Lycra.

Supports Intel this version of the chip processor quad-core nuclei with the 15W, it also comes without fans for cooling where it doesn’t overheat the device, thanks to the cooling system of the device which consists of many heat very thin, the device also features a unique design of the mother board.

Definitely still calculator Twin River a prototype of Intel reveals its vision of the future to design computers, but they succeeded in attracting the attention of many during the events of the conference Computex the year 2019.


I know of

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