Calendar application Google now supports informing you raise everyone to the event

تطبيق تقويم قوقل يدعم الآن إبلاغك برفض الجميع للحدث

Received application Calendar Google, “Google Calendar” new update of the Android operating system, which makes the depressing events more clearly, so when you refuse everyone one of the invitations to the event, the app will encourage you to this rejection with the offer of some quick actions to correct the situation.

Turn was announced this update as part of the G Suite earlier in the month, which is now part of the app in a separate update, either in respect of the possibility to use when sending an invitation rejected by all the parties, gets the item in your calendar on the exclamation mark small. Tap it, and you can immediately take one of the following actions:

  • Cancellation of meeting: if you are the event organizer, you’ll be able to delete the event, will be able to all the other invitees from the To remove it from their calendar.
  • Re-scheduling the meeting: the organizers can re-schedule the event, either manually or by using the “search time”, and guests (or product in the domain without the advantage of “found time”) sent a letter to the other guests propose a re-schedule.
  • Rejection of the event: to move the event to a new time, users can refuse the participation index, which was reported to the meeting.

تطبيق تقويم قوقل يدعم الآن إبلاغك برفض الجميع للحدث

Finally the update is currently available on the app page on the store Google Play, to improve and benefit from the campaign from here.

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