California learn to rely entirely on renewable energy by the year 2045


Not only technology companies is seeking to rely entirely on Renewable Energy Sources, most states in the USA do the same. Have signed California Governor, Mr. Jerry Brown a bill that requires States to rely 100 percent on the energy derived from renewable sources by the year 2045. Have been taken this step to combat climate change.

California is the only state in the United States of America, which put such an ambitious goal. Did Hawaii already but with this new law, will become California’s largest state-level world related to moving entirely to rely on clean energies increased by 100 percent in the next two decades.

Said Jerry Brown, who was surrounded by cheerleaders in the state at the signing ceremony : ” there is nothing to justify the importance of this measure “. As it appears the new law that California support the Paris agreement to combat global climate change, which is the same agreement that pulled out of the United States of America by Order of the US President Donald Trump over the past year indicating that it will not harm the US economy.

Mr. Jerry Brown reiterated on the application of the draft new act so that he stated by saying : ” we’ll deal Paris we will continue in this way to move our economy to the stage where zero emissions “. Despite the opposition of the largest public utilities in the state, has received this new project, strong support from activists, environmental groups, public health and renewable energy.

Draft legal SB100 that utilities will import 60 percent of its energy from renewable sources by the end of 2030. The ultimate goal is to make the whole state relies on renewable energies and reach the stage where birth free of emissions by the year 2045.


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