Call of Duty Mobile get $ 87 million of revenue in the first two months

Call Of Duty Mobile

Confirmed a new report from the agency Sensor Tower data to the game Call of Duty Mobile app on smart devices have successfully generated revenue estimated at $ 87 million during the two months since its release. And the report indicates that the game succeeded in achieving $ 31 million in the last month.

And in relation to the proportion of spending, and as expected, the players in the United States of America are the most spent on application and by a large margin, where they spent 36 million of the proceeds to the floor and 42%, in the second place, and strangely came to Japan even though the games shooting is not the most popular there, and spent players in Japan $ 11 billion and increased by 13.2% from overall returns.

And she came to 59.2% of revenue through the iOS App Store, the Android store has brought more than 40% of the proceeds for the title.

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