Call the car the Tesla Model S due to manufacturers defect

استدعاء سيارات تسلا Model S بسبب خلل مصنعي

The company announced the Tesla electric car manufacturer they are working on calling all cars its Model S “model s” which were manufactured before April 2016.

This is considered the style of car is best selling in the history of the company, but they stated that the summons comes for precaution due to a manufacturers defect in the steering Your the wheel, despite the lack of previous accidents were affected by this bug in the past.

The company said that the problem lies in the workmanship of the “barrel” of the wheel and the water that has been used in manufacturing, where they can be affected by cold weather too, especially in the streets which enter the substance of my magnesium and calcium in the paving, instead of sodium chloride.

The company that the car you drive will become more difficult under the previous conditions, which is what the company wants to skip it by doing some reforms. Note that this problem exists in Tesla cars Model S manufactured before April 2016.



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