Called the second reason for the existence of liquid water on Mars

In the summer of 2018, NASA researchers have found evidence of liquid lakes under the ice caps of the South pole of Mars. According to radar equipment of the Mars Express, the lake is at a depth of 1.5 km, and extends for over 20 km. Initially it was thought that it contained water does not freeze because of the huge quantities of dissolved salts of sodium, magnesium and calcium. Now researchers have found a new reason why the water under the icy crust with a temperature of -65 degrees still remains liquid.

Жидкое озеро на Марсе

It is believed that salt can’t be the only reason for this phenomenon. Most likely, inside the planet is a source of heat, and the most plausible option at the moment is the presence of hot volcanic magma. Scientists already know that once upon a time Mars was a very volcanically active planet, but in the last few million years, she became much calmer.

The fact that on the surface there is liquid water, speaks about the activity of the volcanoes to this day. According to the calculations of researchers, to maintain the necessary amount of heat, volcanic activity should have been kept for the past 300 000 years and accumulate magma at a depth of no more than 10 km away. most Likely, the way it is.

This means that the inside of Mars is still an active formation of magmatic chambers and the depths of the planet this is not a cold dead place.

Ali Branson, one of the authors of the study

If Mars had valid possible accumulation of water, it can greatly facilitate the accomplishment of research missions. The astronauts would not have to carry large stocks of drink, and they will have more room for more payload. It also means that somewhere in the bowels of the planet can be living organisms, which someday will be called “the first aliens”.

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