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After winning Donald Trump in the presidential election, America faced Facebook a lot of accusations that it had played a significant role in winning the trump, where was the concentration of charge on the grace website to publish false news, led to support the candidate of the American Trump time. But now we have what is much more, the Passover of the New York Times the U.S. can already access to the new information confused company massive Facebook, so what is the crisis “Cambridge Analytica” that caused it?

When dealing with social media or even search engines, that the engines make a lot of money just by using your information, the larger the dish that they are Google and Facebook. All your data all on Facebook make you the product for the site while the customers are the advertisers.

Your data that you put into your account the beginning of the age where you to your interest the very detailed collected by the site by monitoring your activity on the site accurately is what makes you power, which allows Facebook advertisers to advertising campaigns to promote their products or did not provide it in general. All of this is known and does not apply to facebook only, but is it possible that it comes to this border and become your data that was given by Facebook in the subject of the most serious of this? It appears so.

Crisis Cambridge Analytica and beyond

When she was preparing to take the companies data analysis -specialized in politics – 2014 elections the next time she had a problem exist I have a lot of similar companies which is the basis of her work, it is any derived data that you need? After that the company could Reap $ 15 million from the Robert Mercer was already have tools that you could use in influencing the opinions of voters, but did not have sufficient data.

And from where comes the data? Facebook with regret. Lost can the police get the data of more than 50 million Americans without their knowledge what they were doing. Is considered to some specialists, this registry the largest registry of historically, which had a significant role in the use of these data with certain tools to achieve the effect in favor of Donald Trump in the U.S. elections in 2016.

Although the situation influenced on Facebook already which will come in detail later but it is possible to lead to a lot of other minions such as the establishment of new laws.

Christopher Willie, who co-founded the company and operated until 2015 that “the rules don’t charge for them, this is a war which is totally fair” in reference to those who are behind the company. He described the Christopher company Cambridge Analytica as the arsenal of weapons used in the “war of culture” which tries it they are behind on the recipe.

This was not the first time that you know the details about such operations, but it led to great effect didn’t come out of the sleeve of the fine details at once. In the past, raised the methods used a lot of table which is called “design methods of psychological optics,” according to the claim of the police and methods for the psyche of a person, or explained to voters who don’t vote.

But how Was this recording?

Drag a lot of documents and oral Facebook not only source data, but that it was the primary source, where not knowing the mechanism of pounds of data so far. And make the company’s data myself, but paid to another company to get this data, which supports Facebook, it’s Gentoo for the purposes of the Academy.

Despite the attempts of Facebook during the first days that say not to recognize this curiosity as they fell she recognized her fault and then, where the description of one of the officials within the social network it was a great monument, where he stated also that the Facebook site anything can be done to clear this data.

As a result of these events, fell shares of Facebook fell 8 percent Monday, after the confirmation of reporting the details to leak the data of Facebook users and use them directly to influence the voters in the United States of America. And Trading a number of news within the past hour about the resignation of the head of the campaign in Facebook after the fact, so that what happened creates agreements on non-use of the information outside of the site, according to reports.

But according to Alex completed the job as chief Security Officer at Facebook, it still works in Facebook, but in a different theme, feeling like choose now looking at risk of new security and protection of elections, said in a tweet on the website Twitter.

And Facebook is now a major attack, whether from the media or from specialists after this incident that the world sees for the first time in this form.

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