Camera app OnePlus supports tests Lens Google and more

تطبيق كاميرا ون بلس يدعم اختصارات عدسة قوقل وأكثر

Yesterday officially has been announced about the phone OnePlus 7 Pro, besides that of the best smart phones that can be purchased now, there are new and based on the default camera application, where the download the application the version number of the Camera v3.2.91 it is currently available by APK, where can those living with the OnePlus One the oldest and running Android OS 9.0 to take advantage of his new.

Which most notably, the integration of the app with the lens of Google, as well as included now the situation pass, like the ones existing on the devices camera Pixel, while the main user interface has not changed, the application now contains some of the Settings Mixed, most notably the disappearance of the Smile Capture which might not be useful, check the Auto Nightscape to discover intelligent content wider.

As the camera OnePlus on the four modes are easily interchangeable in the bottom bar (video, photo, Porter, night scene), with access to more (Panorama, Time Lapse, Slow Motion) so when you scroll up.

Using the new version, you can add, remove and organize what you want in terms, in terms of integration with the lens of Google, when prolonged pressure on any place in the screen will show the animation of the colored circle, followed by the results, even if you don’t click and hold to start the Lens, you’ll be running in the background in offline mode (provided you have enabled the setting mentioned above to discover the smart content).

تطبيق كاميرا ون بلس يدعم اختصارات عدسة قوقل وأكثر

Finally updated the camera of the OnePlus is not listed on the store Google Play, so you won’t be able to update from there, instead of that you can use with the APK your update and upload it here, to be compatible with devices OnePlus and justice issue Android 9.0 the latest.

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