Camera Face ID supports a wider field of view in phones iPhone 2019

Apply versions of Apple this year phones iPhone range of significant improvements, in a new report published recently suggested that Apple enhance the efficiency of the whole Control Face ID to cover a greater range, as well as supporting the design of the phones iPhone highest standards of resistance.

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There is no doubt that Apple need to focus on the efficiency of the design and specifications of the versions this year of phones the iPhone, to the market share of smart phone sales growth from new, so I refer a lot of expectations to a range of associated improvements in the versions of the iPhone 2019.

I came to the latest reports more details about the improvements expected in phones iPhone 2019, which comes from camera, Face ID that feature this year as soon as you see the largest of several angles to the flow user in the registry in your phone when you install it on the desktop for example.

I have confirmed many of the leaks that Apple provided settings and three for the rear in two or more phones iPhone 2019, as also pointed out in leaks again, that the highest versions of the iPhone this year it comes with a pen stylus Mini in the box.

From another side confirmed the new report that Apple will therapist assistant is known as “AMX” this year to experience the games perform better on the phones icon, also expected this year to come in phones, the iPhone design is resistant to cracking through the new technique works on strengthening the body ultimate phones iPhone.


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