Camera five unique phone Nokia 9 PureView achieved as a result of disappointing

Nokia 9 PureView

The launch of the phone Nokia 9 PureView earlier this year with a unique camera with five lenses to capture high quality images in all environments. This is what is promised by company HMD Global Oy anyway, but actual results were disappointing except for the background blur, which was much better than can be provided by iPhone XR.

The team DxOMark specialized in testing cameras and smart phones to publish review full camera the phone Nokia 9 PureView, and the results were not good. In fact, I made the phone an overall score of 85 points which is the same result achieved by the phone iPhone 7 which was launched three years ago, and barely managed to skip the phone Nokia 8 Sirocco.

In still images, the camera use five in addition to the camera sensor depth at Time Of Flight. This makes the phone says Patmos the background in the photo is as impressive as that automatic image be great, these two are the highlight of the camera phone Nokia 9 PureView.

However, the awareness of the accumulation of the images from the cameras of five to create a rounded and impressive are not met, it was the performance of the phone the Google Pixel 3a with one camera much better.


Phone Nokia 9 PureView wasn’t good at filming videos too. The stability of the video and the vibration was great, but the performance was modest. It’s strange because the phone Nokia 9 PureView uses only one camera to record videos, so it was easy to adjust. In fact, I’ve got the phone Nokia 8 Sirocco a better result in the test videos of 82 points. Also note that image stabilization electronic is only available during the recording of 1080p, this means that it does not install the videos are recorded in 4K.

Generally, you can check out the full review of the camera five phone Nokia 9 PureView on the official website for lab DxOMark on the internet from here. Led photography computer to the miracle that is behind the recent jump in the quality of images captured with smartphone cameras, but the technology for Light used in phone Nokia 9 PureView leave much to be desired.

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