Camera OnePlus 7 Pro is not the one for whom it is

After the presentation OnePlus 7 Pro , it became clear that the Chinese company do a good job of the camera’s capabilities in its new flagship. However, some time after the publication of Android Police details to understand the issue of cameras 7 Pro and found out that the alleged OnePlus possibility of a telephoto lens to do a 3-fold increase, as it is better to say, exaggerated.

It seems that the story of OnePlus 5 is repeated again. You may remember how in the campaign OnePlus 5 manufacturer made claims about the capabilities of a 2-fold increase, which actually turned out to be a 1.6 x optical zoom, and the rest of 0.4-fold increase was achieved through so-called multi-frame technology SmartCapture. Apparently, with its new flagship OnePlus decided to do the same thing.

A detailed analysis of this whole situation edition of the Android Police revealed that the OnePlus telephoto Pro 7 has 3 × optical zoom, and instead got something like a standard 2.2 x, and the remaining 0.8 x achieved by cropping. However, digital zoom is not used here, so the photo quality is not degraded.

In fact, a 13-megapixel telephoto lens brings the image to 8 MP, cutting off the remaining 6 MP to achieve this 3-times zoom without loss in quality. This zoom is indeed lossless, but it is not optical. And here is how the edition of the Android Police has found out it.

Some of you may have noticed that your smartphone uses a zoom camera for portrait photography, but the field of view in portrait mode is much wider than in a 3-fold increase. In addition, portrait shots have a resolution of 13 MP, since the software in this case use full resolution of the sensor. The increase in this regime is close to 2.2 x.

In fact, the focal length of the camera module is about 57 mm instead of 78 mm. And it is actually of great importance.

Sacrificing a couple of million of pixels around the subject, OnePlus reaches 3-times zoom without loss in the resolution of 8 MP. It’s not much of a problem for the vast majority of users, but those who are well versed in photography, be sure to notice that the shape of the object and the relative angles do not change as in a 3-fold increase, and in portrait mode. Usually, when the focal length changes, so too must the prospect. Just look at the image below and you get out of how to change perspective at different focal lengths.


So actually it is still a 3x zoom, and it’s still lossless, but it is not optical. Again, for most users this will not be a problem, but those who are in the photo well versed, a rat will notice right away.

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