Camera phone OnePlus 6T achieve a better result than the OnePlus 6 in Tests DxOMark

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

Managed a team DxOMark specialized in Test smartphone cameras recently in the completion of the test of the phone OnePlus 6T. According to the team DxOMark, it has got phone OnePlus 6T on the rate of a total of 98 points, this means as a result of higher by about two points compared with the phone OnePlus 6 to get it on the tenth place to the side of the phone the Google Pixel 2. And detailed, he has got the phone OnePlus 6T 101 points in the test images, obtained 91 points in the test video.

Got the phone OnePlus 6T on this result developed in the test images thanks to the automatic adjustment of the wonderful, dynamic range very good, exposure is good, and the effect of fog possible. Includes team DxOMark to to phone OnePlus 6T has improved slightly in terms of dynamic range compared to the phone OnePlus 6, as it became captures more detail.

Lost Phone OnePlus 6T some of the points in the test images due to high noise levels a little bit and having some dark circles due to the effect of HDR strength. Furthermore, the team discovered DxOMark that the camera performance best second does not match with other smartphones equipped with a special camera to rounding.

When it comes to filming the videos, he has got the phone OnePlus 6T on the praise thanks to the automatic image reliable and fast, dynamic range is magnificent, the colors, the stability is possible, but only some of the points because of the noise.

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