Camera phone the Google Pixel 3a check the result of the advanced tests DxOMark

google pixel 3a

The team DxOMark specialized in Test smartphone cameras just published reviewed the full camera phone the Google Pixel 3a latest of Google Inc. According to this review, I got the phone the Google Pixel 3a on the outcome of a total capacity of 100 points which makes it just one point from the two phones the iPhone and XR, Google Pixel 3a with the knowledge that all of these three phones I got 103 points in a test photo shoot.

As a reminder, in the end you have all these smart phones and three cameras are excellent in terms of performance. Difficult to determine the quality of each camera based on assessment numbers. However, let’s take a look at the full results published by the team DxOMark phone Google Pixel 3a.

In the beginning, it was a good exposure is always in the phone the Google Pixel 3a except for the viewing of high contrast. Tend phones Google Pixel always to lessen the exposure a little to prevent high contrast shots. However, he managed to phone iPhone XR of the keep details in the shadows a little bit better of a phone the Google Pixel 3a.

The phone has got Google Pixel 3a also get 100 points in the tests, DxOMark also thanks to the dynamic range of the wonderful, and keep details and perform the flash in the photo and detail, low noise level, stability is higher in the videos, and the production of natural colors. According to the team DxOMark, it was found that the phone the Google Pixel 3a became the best in the aspect of the zoom, but it’s not as good as phone the Google Pixel 3 in relation to the effect of the background cloudy dull because it will be inconsistent. As a result, managed to phone the Google Pixel 3a negotiation ahead of other phones equipped with cameras one. However, the team noted DxOMark that there is some noise and the colors of the Polygon in the images captured in environments of low lighting, he also noted some of the Shadows spin-off in the images captured in environments well-lit.

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On the other hand, explained the team DxOMark to phone the Google Pixel 3a is generally considered able to highlight the exposure accurately in the video and keep a little better on the details in lighting conditions brighter compared with the phone the Google Pixel 3.

Processor average power user in the phone the Google Pixel 3a to make the latter eventually score less points in the test video recording, but still this phone the latest Google well in this aspect. Thanks to the development of the smart phone sector is expected, we’re starting to see more camera technology advanced computer flow to the smart phones available and flowing. For example, with the impending launch of the phone Honor 9X Pro, we are pleased to see how the camera quality in this smartphone.

Generally, provided the team DxOMark in the end that smart phones equipped with cameras one in the back no longer accept the comparison with what smart phones can double the camera to do today. Although the two phones Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3a using the same camera, except that the results vary a bit when it is further considered.


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