Camera phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 achieved as a result of advanced tests DxOMark


Team DxOMark specialized in testing cameras the smart phones was quick in revealing the details related to the performance of the cameras used in phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which was announced by Xiaomi company yesterday.

According to the team DxOMark, it has got phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 result a total of 103 points. Specifically, I got this phone the new flagship of the company Xiaomi on 108 points in the test images, and 93 points in the test videos. Returning to the overall score, it corresponds to the total score that won her the phone Galaxy Note 9, but they are still few compared to the iPhone XS Max who got 105 points, the phone Huawei P20 Pro, which got 109 points. And match the result of the test, the images 108 points, almost with the Galaxy Note 9.

Praised the team DxOMark focusing Fast Auto phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 both during the capture of images or videos, also praised the range wide dynamic camera dual color balance of the white flour and bright colors. For the things that drained some of the points for phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, include noise level is relatively high in both video and audio. It was also observed some saturation of colour in some of the interior scenes. Generally, in case if you want to get more details, go to the DxOMark site from the source link below.



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