Camera Square SQ20 latest version of Fujifilm features instant printing

The subject camera Square SQ20 latest version of Fujifilm features instant printing appeared on Engadget.

Revealed company, Fujifilm for camera Instax Square SQ20 that supports instant printing image with characteristic of video also.


Came to know Photokina this year’s set of announcements and surprises from the manufacturers of the camera, وFujifilm is one of the companies that submitted a new version of the cameras possible to print instant with new features.

Come camera Instax Square SQ20 design the box to support the nature of the images and convert the video to know the components of a set of still images.

Sensor camera SQ20 a square design called the filming of 1920 in 1920, featuring camera lenses with fixed focal length and aperture of f/2.4.

Also supports the camera’s digital zoom so 4x, one of the nurses offered for the first time in the series of cameras Instax.

Scheduled to let the camera point auto focus one in the pictures, while supporting the concentration and adjust the auto level to shoot video.

And Fujifilm to feature Motion Mode in camera Instax Square SQ20 can support the user in the video recording for 15 seconds, and then pick the best stills in the video.

Also supports this feature is the LCD screen size of 2.7 inches, allows user to scroll between the frames of the video smoothly, to pick a precise cat to be pulled from video and convert them to a static image can be printed.

Also scheduled to function Motion Mode with the filter Sequence that adds the shadow movement with the adjust image on the best framework suggests movement in a still image.

SQ20 -filters

Also added also Fujifilm some new situations that support still images, including Time Shift Collage that supports the user in capturing 4 images of successive when you click on the button of the shutter, and then collect the images in one frame when printing.

Also lets put the Collage in full control SQ20 to collect more of different pictures in one Gallery Nature.

Memory camera SQ20 from Fujifilm supports storage up to 50 static image, or store 30 seconds of the video, however, support the camera print the Instant will need with the user for greater storage capacity.

Fujifilm used movies custom printing instant camera, and supports camera print the number of 10 photos at a time, and take each print is 12 seconds to complete the printing process of instant health.

Also will the user have no choice in the direct printing photos immediately taken, or a photo storage for printing later.

The battery in the camera SQ20 can support the user the ability to print the immediate even 100 times, and can be recharged via the charger MicroUSB.


It also comes complete control SQ20 two buttons shutter, where it comes first in the left side of the camera, while the other in the right side.

There is also a mirror in the left to work to support the filming of the selfie, with the selfie also.

SQ20 offering from Fujifilm in two models in black and beige, and is scheduled to launch to the market on 20 October without announcing pricing at the moment.


The subject camera Square SQ20 latest version of Fujifilm features instant printing appeared on Engadget.

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