Camera under the screen.. phones with new Oppo

Earlier this month, the company acquired the Oppo on the camera technology base that appears under the screen through the video clip quick, and Xiaomi have announced is also about they work on something similar so I didn’t drink any of the companies how to work this technique at the time, but today and through the MWC conference Shanghai, the company Oppo throw some light on how to do that.

Oppo reveal how to work the cameras under the screen

Oppo تعلن عن طرح هواتف بتقنية الكاميرا تحت الشاشة قريبًاOppo announced phones with camera under the screen soon

When the camera is in idle mode work screen in the usual way, however when you look closely, it looks like the space at the top of the camera to be more pixels, according to Oppo features of the intervention area of this material is highly transparent in addition to the structure of the Pixel was redesigned to improve the light transmittance, in other words require this camera technology display panel custom, because those won’t do the job, the healing properties of its own is only good enough to read fingerprints inside the screen, but it does not happen for the cameras traditional.

Added Oppo to the camera under the screen the same pack also sensor the largest provider of in units of pixels is larger, along with larger aperture to get the maximum amount of lighting, this means lower resolution, and based on the comparison of the rapid there is certainly room for improvement in terms of clarity and Color Accuracy, This is a little disturbing given that Oppo already applied the repair algorithm on the removal of fog HDR in addition to white balance, we will have to make more effort here to meet the standards of selfies usual.

There is not yet any update on when we can expect to show the technique of the camera under the screen on the phone to police everything that we were told that it will be issuing this “in the near future”, given that Xiaomi is also working with this technique, the chances of the emergence of these brands not alone in this race.

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