Cameras Galaxy Note 10+ 5G topple everyone topping the list in Tests, DxOMark

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

Galaxy Note 10+ 5G is the new king of smartphones in the camera department, it tops the list in Tests, DxOMark in each of the category of primary camera and front camera. Because the only difference between the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G +and Galaxy Note 10 Normal is to access the first phone on the modem is compatible with the 5G, the result applies to this model also.

Let’s start with the camera key. The total score is 113 points, which makes the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G new beats the Huawei P30 Pro. Specifically, it has got phone Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on 118 points in the test images. Although the main camera is the same found in the Galaxy S10 5G which come with Huawei P30 Pro in the point total, however, Samsung’s modification of image processing algorithms and obtained better results.

Meet the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G pictures, excellent range, wide dynamic range in a wide range of lighting conditions. The only place where lag’s new flagship phone of Samsung for phone for Huawei is the dark scenes too. Focus is quick and accurate, and The Flash happened to turn on the assessment of the very high.


Containing camera telephoto now open brighter. Thanks to the wide aperture, the phone has more detail even in low light conditions. Also, the improved background blur and soften skin significantly. However, the rounding of $ 2x is considered rather short compared to some rival phones.

When it comes to the camera front, it has got an overall score of 99 points, this allowed for the phone Galaxy Note 10+ 5G pay phone Asus Zenfone 6 from the top. Specifically, I got this camera on 103 points in Test taking pictures 93 points in the test filming of the video scenes.

Produce front camera pictures and videos are excellent in a wide range of shooting conditions. The ability to auto focus is the best in terms of their ability to capture goods. However, the effect of blurring the background still need some improvements.


Note that the Galaxy Note 10 smaller in size and uses the same front camera completely camera the background is quite similar except that it lacks the sensor Time Of Flight, but this does not play a large role in the tests, DxOMark.

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