Cameras Intel RealSense technology enables Building Products and Services see the world around her !

We spoke previously through the coverage of the visit to Intel’s “Silicon Valley” technology Real Sense developed by the company, which provides hardware and electronic products see the world around them in a way similar to what the human eye sees, in terms of the perception of color, depth, motion, and the relationship of things to each other.

It was the first generation of that technical equipment is exclusively for use by makers of electronic devices to use in their product is different, according to the needs of each product, to gaining the ability to recognize their surroundings. The introduction of “Intel” for a new generation of that technical excellence in cameras RealSense D400 becomes possible for amateur and innovators of different interests, to take advantage of that technology in providing products and services intelligent you can learn about the world around her.

Comes the new generation of cameras RealSense in the image of the camera is connected via the USB port, and can the innovators and developers can use the packet service RealSense SDK 2.0, which is available on all operating platforms, in the design of interfaces to use the benefit of data that can camera taken and processed.

And can cameras sensors RealSense see the picture in front of her three-dimensional manner, with the ability to recognize the depth of the picture and the items from each other, and can take advantage of that vision, data, applications virtual reality and enhanced to provide the experience to put the user inside the virtual environment, as well as in the design of products such as Android devices waldron smartphone that can see the world around them exactly as humans see, and interact with them intelligently.

Talking cameras RealSense of a digital camera sensor smart depth, has provided the “Intel” the new generation in the two different versions are the D415 and D435, the price of each is $ 145 virtually, the two are the recommendation of any electronic system is almost through the USB port with the possibility of programming the user interface is customized according to the purpose desired.

Targeting the “Intel” by simplifying how to use and connect the system RealSense, and supplied at a price suitable to a large extent, to make technical available easily to most people who work in the field of Education and young innovators who don’t have the enormous potential of knowledge possessed by firms large manufacturer of the robot like, which will make the technique more popular and.

The cameras Intel RealSense technology enables Building Products and Services see the world around her ! Appeared first on the tech world.

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