Can Android smartphone to replace a laptop journalists and authors of the articles?

The truth is, I never expected that using a smartphone will be able to write articles, but the time has come. I tried, I liked! So right now I’m ready to share with you the experience of writing this article using an Android smartphone. Previously to do that I was not allowed too small diagonal my iPhone, however, buying additional device from Xiaomi with 6.4-inch elongated screen, I realized that it is now possible to make full-fledged smartphone device for writing and publishing content.

Can a smartphone replace a laptop?

It is necessary to say that without a Bluetoothkeyboard, you are unlikely to be able to use a full-fledged Android machine. For writing I used my favorite keyboard Logitech K380. This keyboard supports simultaneous synchronization of three devices with different operating systems (iOS, Android, Ubuntu, MacOS, Windows) and fast switching between them using special key functions. The first key I have connected PC, on second laptop, and the third decided to connect the smartphone.

Tried a number of applications as a text editor, I like iA Writer (the review on this application), which is to upgrade to Windows used on the old MacBook. It is quite simple and does not clutter the interface. Before him, I tried a similar app, but after the keyboard input was slow. I decided that this could be the fault of the app, so after a reboot it was decided to stay on iA Writer. And now, with them I have had no problems.

With a text editor figured out. How to write material? This will help us a split screen. When writing the article often have more information in the Internet. And to not constantly jump on the running applications screen sharing — what you need. Moreover, due to the elongated screen to work in this mode quite comfortable.

To connect a keyboard, you must enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. After connecting, you must go to settings language and input and select “Keyboard, mouse and trackpad”. At least on devices Xiaomi, this section is there. It will be a keyboard connected with a choice of input languages. It is necessary to further switch between languages with CTRL + Space, Also in this section you will find information on the hot keys.

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In my opinion, you can easily do without using trackpad or mouse. At least I wanted to when you connect an Android-friendly smartphone control with the keyboard. And the phone I was given the opportunity. Here you can switch between applications using CTRL + TAB, pressing ALT will open the voice assistant with no direct interaction with the device screen, you can perform various actions. I wanted to send screenshots to their favorites section in the app Telegram, but, unfortunately, the Assistant not yet integrated with third party applications. Google has announced an update Assistantthat will also enable tight integration with applications.

For page scrolling in the browser, you can use the arrows on the keyboard, the spacebar is the same as on the PC, scrolls down one page. Not like that in the same Telegram it is impossible to use hotkeys similar to how it is implemented on the desktop versions of messenger. There is a moment that I still don’t understand — switch between split screens. For example, imagine that I write stuff, and focus in this moment on the app iA Writer. In this case, to change focus to the second open browser app to browse through the homepage of the website below? I had to switch Windows tap device, which is not very convenient. Perhaps our readers know of such a combination. Share it in the comments or in a Telegram.

Otherwise, no problems when writing the material I have not experienced. Is it possible to use a smartphone instead of a laptop? It is!

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