Can Apple to make the iPhone cheaper this year?!

Apple this year is expected to reveal a number of new versions for the iPhone specifications and different sizes as reports and leaks successive but perhaps the most exciting thing that leaves the memory of it now is low price Phones iPhone!

هل يمكن لآبل أن تجعل الآيفون أرخص ثمناً هذا العام ؟!

Can Apple to make the iPhone cheaper this year?!

Phones the iPhone is a smart phone top price in the market of smart phones, and most hand margin and represent the sales of iPhones alone, more than 60% of the profits of the Apple TV, so how can you decrease the prices of phones iPhone?!

Disturbing recent press reports that Apple intends to reduce the price of the iPhone by about$ 100 to what I thought, also think Apple also included quick Charger with phones iPhone coming strongly 18 watt instead of chargers iPhone current power of 5 watt, in a move long overdue from Apple because most of the competition included charger fast with phones leading.

Currently in order to benefit users of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus or the iPhone X of the fast charging technology you acquisition quick charger and cable to a dedicated non-shipper, the next regular with the phone, and that would be in the range of 50$ approximately.

In the case of Health this news the consumer may save about 150$ when you buy phones iPhone coming this year from Apple in the month of September and is a fundamental change to the prices of phones and the iPhone current and steady prices relatively.

What do you think is the most appropriate price to ask phones the new iPhone?!

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