Can be used to drive the front camera to pop-up in the Oppo F11 Pro a hundred times a day for 6 years

Oppo F11 Pro

I have my apartment front camera pop up its way to a group of smartphones of both the Oppo and Vivo, but given that this mechanism is relatively new, it has people feel concerned about the follow-up. The company Oppo that durability is not a problem so that indicated that it can use the front camera to pop-up around 100 once daily for 6 consecutive years.

This means that even if you of people a morbid photo shoot the weapon, you most likely will abandon the phone for Oppo F11 Pro in the future due to aging rather than mechanical failure in the front camera. If you are using sensor fingerprints in the backend instead of the face detection like the phone will be longer.

This information comes through a tweet that the new has been posted on the Twitter network won’t be Phone Oppo F11 Pro performing musician using the front camera of the pop-up. Of course, the camera does not make a sound, what you hear is the sounds of the selected preset which phone Oppo F11 Pro played during random bursts of the camera.

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