Can cats move their facial muscles to Express emotions?

Recently, scientists from the U.S. state of Georgia conducted a study that determined which people are able to correctly understand the emotions of dogs. This is a very interesting experiment, but somehow similar research work was conducted on the example of cats, but they are among the most popular Pets in the world. To fill this gap decided the canadian researchers who conducted a similar experiment in which a large group of volunteers were asked to identify the emotions of the cats on the videos from YouTube. It turned out that cats are very good to Express emotion through facial expressions, but that’s how well they understand people?

Grumpy Cat is one of the most famous cats in the world

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, the experiment involved 6,000 people from 85 countries. Among them were both men and women, who were representatives of different professions. Of course, the number of volunteers was the veterinarians and staff at various shelters who have to spend a long time with the animals. All of them, regardless of gender, age and sphere of activity, were shown different videos of YouTube cats.

By the way, do you know why cats purr?

As cats Express their emotions?< ?h2>

The authors initially assumed that cats can Express their mood by means of movements of the facial muscles. 75% of the videos they saw clear the facial signs that are consistent with a variety of emotional manifestations. Only now recognize them in the course of the experiment was only 13% of participants, that is, even if cats have facial expressions, many people are simply not able to see them and understand.

I think this cat is trying to say…

According to scientists, among the right to understand the mood of the cat people, were mainly veterinarians and other members who spend a lot of time with animals. Most of them were young people, i.e. adults and elderly participants coped with the task much worse. It was also found that women understand animals better than men. What is the reason, scientists do not yet know.

Cats can tell a lot by means of movements of muscles of face, so with enough experience, you can easily to understand them, — concluded the author of a scientific article Georgia Mason.

According to the researchers, their research work can help in the development of methods for recognition of emotional States of Pets. This training manual will be useful for veterinarians and employees of the various shelters, and the owners of the furry creatures. You must agree — you would certainly have paid attention to a book called “How to learn how to talk to cats?”. Especially, if as stated in her tips was really work.

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Generally, cats are quite awesome animals, the study of which scientists are to this day. For example, relatively recently, scientists from Oregon state University conducted an experiment during which it was identified the attitude of the cats to the owners as their own parents. Read more about this scientific work can be found in our special article.

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