Can dead 20 pro know Twin when you open the lock screen?

When Apple announced the feature of facial recognition Face ID iPhone X, said that he had made a mistake in the case of twins and toddlers, which is validated by experience already.

A few days ago, and during the introduction Face ID in dead 20 Pro, said Huawei, the failure rate of 1 in a million, so you shouldn’t be fooled by the face recognition system with a non-twin at least, but has decreased with the Twins; by virtue of it the same failure rate enjoyed by the Face ID in iPhone X by Apple.

Stephen here from AndroidPit tells that he came to the office to talk with a dead phone 20 new Pro to test it, has handed his teammates a phone to find him, so could his colleague Christopher opened him to his face.

Repeat Christopher’s operation and success every time in open the lock dead 20 Pro, as well as the opposite, where I knew Christopher the phone on his face, Linda Stephen in open the lock.

This knowing that everything combines Steven Christopher is the function and appearance of the hair and chin, without facial features, eye color, and only one wears glasses, and without having any relation between them. So what about the twins? identical!

On the whole this one experiment on the dead 20 Pro One, so we don’t know the extent of the problem yet, is likely to be limited to a set of units, not the general problem, may pose a significant risk to Huawei as the greatest what distinguishes the phone is dead 20.

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