Can eyes change your color and why?

It is well known that the eye color each of us in its uniqueness is not inferior to the pattern on the fingerprint. So, on the planet it is impossible to find two people with exactly the same pattern of the iris. Despite this fact, the eye color of some people may change over time, completely changing a person’s appearance. Why is this happening and what is the secret of this phenomenon?

Sometimes eye color can change even depending on the lighting

What is the human eye?

Eyes — the most important in the human body paired organ responsible for the perception of the us to 90% of all information. Due to the presence of the eye, our body is able to perceive electromagnetic radiation as light wavelength range and to transmit it to the brain for further processing. In order for this “receiver” to function properly, nature has invented a special mechanism that consists of three parts. The first part of our organ of vision is the outer shell that is protective and creates the shape of the eye. The second shell is considered to be a vascular part of the eye responsible for the nutrition of the eye. In its center is the pupil. The third part of the eye is considered to be the so-called grid shell, which is responsible for the reception and perception of the world.

The structure of the human eye

Why eyes change color?

Despite the fact that the color of our eyes, we feel quite stable, the iris is for all human life constantly changes its color due to the different content of melanin. In the first days after birth, the baby’s eyes are usually grey or light green, which gradually changes with time in accordance with laid down in the child’s genetics. On this or that eye color is affected by many factors, among which the most conspicuous racial characteristics and genetics of the child.

Eye color some people are able to change even mood changes

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In adulthood, a dramatic change in eye color can be caused by both external and internal reasons. Most often change the hue or pattern the eye associated with abnormalities in the Central nervous system or hormonal. In addition, some strong emotions such as stress, sadness, anger or joy, can also cause a change of hue of the iris. So, it is believed that during crying the color of eyes becomes even more intense than in quiet condition. Scientists believe that a protein in the eyes, through the tears receives heavy moisture, becoming more light and making the look brighter.

Heterochromia — change the color of only one eye

In other words, change the color of the eyes is a perfectly natural phenomenon provided that the shade has changed uniformly. In all other cases, the appearance of such unusual phenomena, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.

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