Can Huawei now buy products from American companies only

U.S. President Donald Trump easing of sanctions on Huawei, and the lifting of the ban expressed in part, where he said American companies are allowed to sell goods and modern technology to Huawei of China, which was facing a big problem since last month.

It was last month too painful to buy Huawei since its listing is and 70 of its affiliated companies in the black list that prevented American companies from dealing with them. It was the repercussions of this step is huge and impressive for a company Huawei, which severed its relationship with Google, which provides no Android system for smart phones.

CEO of Huawei said that the ban would cost the company about $ 30 million as a loss in revenue during the next two years. Now, however, the Department Trump some concessions after meeting with the Chinese President during a summit of the group of twenty, so that all American companies sell their equipment of Huawei, the fact that it’s not a big problem to national security of the United States of America, as said by Donald Trump.

Despite the good news, however, Huawei is still facing problems in the United States of America. So you can’t enter in the field of networks of the fifth generation or the sale of equipment by US companies, in addition to its inability to sell its devices and smart phones in the US market, and what you can do currently, is to take advantage of technology and American products.

In fact, I admit Donald Trump is to corporate America selling “massive amounts” of products of Huawei, American companies weren’t completely happy because they couldn’t house, it seems that this may have helped in the lifting of the ban on Huawei.

Made Huawei steps to get rid of its dependence on America, including the development of its own operating system to replace Android, and the technology of memory, to ensure that you avoid to find itself in a similar situation again in the future, while to dispense products of America is not an easy task.

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